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Divorce (dissolution) cases are among the most common types of suits filed in the United States. These cases are understandably difficult for all parties involved and their loved ones, especially where property and children are involved. When going through a divorce, you need an experienced divorce lawyer who will assist in making the process easier. The Riverside divorce attorneys at Knez Law Group are your one-stop-shop, serving individuals throughout the Inland Empire for handling all of your divorce needs. Nearly all divorce actions have the following elements:

Equitable Distribution (Division of Property) – Equitable Distribution is a difficult but necessary component of divorce proceedings. During the equitable distribution process, the court will divide the marital assets and debts of the parties. The only marital assets and debts considered by the courts are those obtained after the date of marriage and prior to the date of separation. Equitable distribution typically starts by a determination of all the assets and debts each that parties maintains, which does not just include things such as real property, vehicles, and furniture, but it also includes the interest in a business, pension, stocks, school education, loans, etc. The court then divides the property to each party as a percentage of the overall value. It is important to understand that equitable distribution is not equal distribution. In addition, there are a number of circumstances that allow the court to prevent or deviate from the typical amount of assets or debts to be divided. This may include prenuptial or post nuptial agreements or property that is passed through a will.


Spousal Support – Spousal Support is court-ordered support that is often awarded to a dependent spouse. The amount or length of support will depend on several factors including the earnings and earning capacity of the parties, the needs of the parties, the length of the marriage, and the ability to pay. In limited circumstances, support can be permanently awarded to a spouse.  Unlike child support, Spousal Support is can be waived. Furthermore, spousal support is not automatically awarded to a spouse simply because they make less money than the other spouse.  A number of factors are considered in awarding spousal support with the ultimate policy to enable the supported spouse to maintain the same standard of living that existed during the marriage.

What Is Summary Dissolution in California?

The are two tracks for a divorce in the state of California. The first type is obtaining a summary dissolution. Not everyone will qualify for a summary dissolution. While this process is more convenient than a standard divorce, there are restrictions that apply which limit who qualifies for these divorces, including:

-The length of the marriage;

-The amount of property acquired during the marriage;

-The amount of debt that was acquired during the marriage;

-The amount of land that is owned by the parties;

-The amount of debt that was acquired during the marriage;

-The amount of separate property the parties own;


The impact of a summary dissolution is just as final as a standard divorce, requiring a decision between the parties about how property will be divided. It is important to speak with an experienced attorney about your rights and what option is best for you.

Standard Divorces in California

The standard divorce process is a lengthier process than summary dissolution. It is typically used by those who do not qualify for summary dissolution or those who need the court’s assistance in determining how property should be divided. Although the standard divorce process differs from a summary dissolution of marriage, parties who agree on the way assets and debts will be divided may still enter into property settlement agreements. This is another approach to simplifying a divorce, limit the financial costs of the divorce and making the overall process come to an end much quicker. If you are interested in obtaining a divorce in California, Knez Law Group is comprised of excellent divorce attorneys in Riverside, CA and are your best option for closure and relief.


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