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Two Generations of Family & Business Lawyers in Riverside, CA

Knez Law Group, Riverside Lawyers

The Knez Law Group is a Riverside based civil litigation firm representing both plaintiffs and defendants in cases throughout California. The firm is currently handling cases involving business disputes, family law and serious personal injury. In the past year, the firm has successfully prosecuted and/or defended numerous cases. Most recently, the firm has settled a multi-million-dollar products liability case involving defective residential sprinkler heads, and obtained a six-figure settlement in a legal malpractice case and a medical malpractice case. You can see more of our recent cases here. The firm takes a personal, passionate and methodical approach in family law cases, knowing when to be aggressive, when to exercise restraint and ensuring the best possible result for our clients. This approach has facilitated favorable results in several divorce and child custody cases over the past years.


For approximately 30 years the firm’s senior attorney, Fred J. Knez was a sole practitioner representing individuals, families and small businesses in California from San Diego to San Francisco. Fred has always preferred a one-on-one relationship with his clients rather than the approach taken by large law firms. Fred’s sons, Andrew J. Knez and Matthew J. Knez, worked with the firm as paralegals while completing law school. In 2014, Andrew joined his practice as an attorney and shortly thereafter, in 2015, Matthew joined the firm as an attorney as well. In 2015, Fred and his sons formed Knez Law Group.


One of the primary differences between Knez Law Group and others is that we are true litigators who are experienced enough to know when to negotiate a settlement, and fearless enough to fight all the way to trial. Each attorney at the Knez Law Group has taken cases all the way to trial when the circumstances demanded it, but we also know when to exercise restraint when a scenario required it. Whether you are looking for a family lawyer in Riverside, or need a business litigation attorney in the Inland Empire you should choose a law firm that can assess your unique case, and rely on a history of success and experience to develop the best strategy for you. Call us today at 951-742-7681 to schedule a consultation regarding your case.

Corporate Disputes

Professional Liability

Our Practice is as Diverse as the Communities We Serve

When searching for a lawyer to handle your case, it’s wise to investigate if the attorney you are considering has the experience to know all the moving parts of a case. The practices below are not just a list of things we can do, it’s a list of legal matters that we routinely handle in many of our cases. We’ve worked with clients from every political background, sexual preference, race and possible walk of life. Know that when you call the Knez Law Group you and your matter will be handled with the utmost importance and respect that you deserve.

Business Law

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Business fraud
  • Negligent misrepresentation
  • Contract interference
  • Partnership lawsuits
  • Business form & dissolve
  • Contract drafts & litigation

Family Law

  • Divorce & Separation
  • Child custody & visitation
  • Child Support
  • Family business dissolutions
  • Spousal support
  • Property division
  • QDRO, pension & retirement
  • Contested dissolution

Employment Defense

  • Wrongful termination claims
  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Gender & race claims
  • Disability claims
  • Religion discrimination claims
  • Wage & hour claims
  • Mandatory breaks claims
  • Minimum wage claims

Personal Injury

  • Car & truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Medical negligence
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Amputations
  • Paralysis
  • Brain & spine injuries
  • Wrongful death claims

Professional & Legal Malpractice

Fred Knez is a former referee for the State Bar and has litigated against doctors, mental health professionals and attorneys for more than twenty years. Mr. Knez has successfully prosecuted legal malpractice and attorney fee claims against some of the largest firms in Southern California and maintains a significant case load of legal malpractice cases.

Serving Individuals, Families and Businesses in Riverside and Throughout California

If you need a business or family attorney in Riverside, the Knez Law Group can help provide you with sound legal advice. We are attorneys serving the entire Inland Empire and regularly handle cases in Los Angeles, Orange County and as far south as San Diego and as far north as Sacramento. Whether you are facing a high-asset divorce, small to large business matter, serious employment lawsuit or an injury claim we have the experience, integrity and wherewithal to gather the facts and present you with the potential strategies for the best possible outcome.