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Inland Empire Employment Defense Attorneys

The Knez Law Group is an employment claim defense law firm in Riverside which is equipped to help you prosecute or defend any employment law matter. Our attorneys understand that claims are often filed against companies without any legal basis. Nonetheless, once a legal action is filed, employers must obtain counsel who can evaluate the claims and successfully defend actions to protect the company and its assets.

Often times claims can be resolved before costly litigation. If you are an employer who has been sued by one of your employees, contact the Knez Law Group for an initial review of the claims.


Sexual Harassment – Sexual harassment claims can have damaging effects on a business, regardless of whether the claim is supported or not. Both federal and California law prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment claims may arise as a result of offering employment perks in exchange for sexual favors, inappropriate gestures, pictures, or other actions, or inappropriate jokes or comments made about one’s body or physical appearance. When a sexual harassment claim is lodged against your company, our attorneys will work with you to discuss the facts and circumstances of the claim to determine:

-The company’s sexual harassment policy;

-Whether the employee followed protocols when reporting the harassment;

-The remedial measures that were taken.


If a claim results in the finding of a violation of California Law, your company could suffer serious financial consequences and harm to its overall goodwill. Let one of our experienced attorneys help your business.


Workplace Harassment – Workplace harassment is another type of action that is brought against employers. Workplace harassment is another employment violation that is illegal under both federal and California Law. Harassment is unwelcome contact that occurs due to one’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability. Workplace harassment claims are tricky legal actions, given the fact that everyone’s background and experiences can affect what a person believes and what they interpret to be harassment. Our attorneys work hard to dispute any allegations of workplace harassment where there are isolated incidents, slights, disagreements, and minor annoyances, as they generally not be protected under the law.


Wrongful Termination – While employers often terminate people when disputes arise or in the case of unsatisfactory work performance or behavior, employees often file suit alleging that an employer illegally terminated them. Some employers believe that employees can be hired and fired at a manager’s discretion, since California is an employment-at-will state. However, there are certain instances in which terminating an employee is illegal. If an employee is alleging that he or she was fired in violation of a law that protects certain characteristics such as age, sex, race, or under other employee protections, an employer must defend the action to avoid providing court-ordered relief. For information on how the Knez Law Group can assist you in a wrongful termination claim, contact us today.


Employment Claim Defense Lawyers Serving the Inland Empire, Los Angeles and Orange County

Knez Law Group are experienced employment defense attorneys serving Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. Our firm also handles defense matters involving retaliation, age discrimination, disability, compensation, pregnancy, race, and religious lawsuits. If you need assistance defending an employment claim in Southern California, contact the Knez Law Group today at (951) 742-7681.

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Knez Law is a father and son law firm serving Southern California.

Being a smaller firm, Knez Law has a reputation of providing personal attention to their clients while providing effective legal solutions in the areas of business litigation, personal injury, family law, probate litigation, employment litigation and legal and medical malpractice.


Senior partner, Fred J. Knez, founded the firm based on the belief that solid legal representation requires a commitment to the client’s needs and a focus on successful results. At Knez Law, we pride ourselves on one-on-one relationships with our clients, and a legal team dedicated to effective representation.

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