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There are thousands of accidents that occur in the state of California on an annual basis. These accidents or incidents occur all over, whether they are in cars, shops, malls, or grocery stores. Unfortunately, many personal injury cases are the result of negligence that have could have been prevented had someone exercised the appropriate level of care.

Many injured parties realize this and rightfully seek to obtain compensation when they realize that they have damaging injuries that affect their employment, finances, family, and emotional health. Many individuals make the mistake of trying to negotiate with insurance providers without legal assistance, and when they do, they run the risk of accepting settlements far below the value of the case, losing valuable evidence because it is lost and/or destroyed before a legal claim is made, and delaying beyond the statute of limitations. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident or incident in California, contact the Riverside injury attorneys at Knez Law Group for a risk-free initial consultation today.

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

While there are thousands of personal injury cases filed in California each year, the majority of cases are filed as a result of accidents involving motor vehicles. However, personal injury accidents can also occur from many common circumstances such as bicycles, dog-bites, horses, and poorly maintained property (premise liability).  The attorneys at Knez Law Group have successfully handled all of these types of personal injury cases across California, including Inland Empire, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco.


Car Accidents – Negligence during the operation of a motor vehicle is common. Some negligence-related car accidents involve speeding, texting while driving, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. While all drivers are required to maintain insurance, after accidents, injured parties often find that some drivers do not maintain insurance and others do not maintain enough insurance. In addition, insurance companies often litigate fault of the parties prior to releasing any funds. This can create added difficulties when trying to obtain medical treatment or obtain repairs to your vehicle.


Truck Accidents – As a transportation hub for California and the West Coast, truck accidents are quite common in the Inland Empire (Riverside and San Bernardino), Los Angeles and Orange County. While there are a variety of laws, rules, and regulations in place to ensure the safety and compliance of those who drive commercial motor vehicles, accidents still occur at an alarming rate. When you are involved in an accident or incident with a driver of a semi-truck or box truck there are not only state laws that must be considered to determine if a violation has occurred, but also federal implications. Some of the federal provisions impose higher duties on those utilizing trucks to transport people or goods across state lines. Our experienced Riverside truck accident attorneys are familiar with these rules and can help guide you on whether any state or federal violations have occurred, in an effort to maximize your potential for obtaining relief.


Motorcycle Accidents – Motorcycle accidents are particularly dangerous given the higher risk of injury to individuals operating the motorcycle. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to accidents due to visual impediments. In many cases, motorcyclists cannot be seen and are hit when traveling in the blind spot of another vehicle. In addition, many drivers don’t take additional safety precautions when driving near a motorcycle and often follow too closely. The Knez Law Group is a group of motorcycle accident lawyers in Riverside experienced with the unique needs & circumstances of riders.


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