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What To Do If A Driver Hits You While Texting and Driving

What To Do If A Driver Hits You While Texting and Driving

In the State of California, a distracted driver who has caused an auto accident can be held liable for the injuries and damages caused. In California’s fast-paced world, it is common to see drivers using their phones while driving, despite the fact that this is against the law.

If a driver using a cellphone while driving has struck you, there are a few actions you should consider taking immediately after the incident. Taking proactive measures will help to protect your rights and will also help you in the event that the case becomes complicated in the future. Furthermore, it is always good practice to seek the legal expertise of an attorney who has experience in handling personal injury cases involving auto accidents. A proficient attorney will always represent your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve following a negligent auto accident.

Important Steps to Take Following an Accident Involving a Distracted Driver

As previously mentioned, there are factors you should consider taking immediately after an auto accident involving a distracted driver, as taking careful precautions will help to protect your rights.

Step #1: Obtain the Appropriate Medical Treatment

Getting medical treatment in the aftermath of an accident should always be your number one priority. Receiving treatment for an injury will not only help the injury from getting worse, it will also help you establish a medical record, which is vital for personal injury claims.

Step #2: Obtain Eyewitness’ Contact Information

Many auto accidents will involve he-said, she-said arguments and it is important to obtain the testimony of witnesses who can corroborate your version of events. Memories can fade quickly so documenting the witnesses and their stories early is crucial.

Step #3: File a Police Report

Usually, when a major auto accident happens, a police officer will be called to the scene. This officer will write down facts of the case but you can also ask to have your version of events put in the report. It is important to note, however, that an officer may or may not respond to the scene of your accident. In either case, you should seek to file a police report independently in a station or department that will have jurisdiction of your case. This further supplements documents that can validate the events that occurred as well as your claim overall.

Step #4: Obtain the Support of an Experienced Attorney to Represent Your Case

When it comes to accidents involving distracted drivers, it is easy to see why there will be many disputes about how the accident was caused. Many distracted drivers will fail to recognize their errors and if you have been injured because of the accident, you will need to defend your rights. An experienced personal injury attorney will investigate the facts of the case and ensure that your rights are protected in a court of law.

The attorneys Knez Law Group, LLP are experienced in handling auto accident claims that involve distracted drivers. The firm has many years of dedicated experience in protecting the rights of injured victims who have suffered at the expense of a distracted driver. If you have been injured because of a distracted driver, you should know that filing a claim can help you obtain financial compensation; seek legal expertise as soon as possible.

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