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Family Law

Child Custody Cases in California: Frequently Asked Questions

When parents cannot agree to the terms of a child’s custody or visitation, the parents may choose to go to court and have a judge provide a temporary order. A court order on child custody is based on the “best interests of the child” which is determined based on various enumerated factors under the California Family Code. A temporary order on child custody will remain in effect until the parents can reach a mutual agreement as to permanent custody or when the issues have been resolved in a trial with a final or permanent order on child custody. If you are...

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Family Law in the State of California: An Overview of the Divorce Process

If you or someone you know is a resident of the State of California and is contemplating filing for a divorce, consider the following information. This article will highlight important factors that could affect parts of the divorce and/or the filing process. Although most states have similar laws with regard to family law, every state can have specific laws and processes which may affect the divorce. Speak to an experienced attorney in divorce law in the State of California. An experienced attorney can guide you through the divorce process and provide professional advice. State of California Requirements Every state will differ slightly...

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Family Law Property Disputes

 Valuing a Business In today’s society, it is common for either one or even both spouses to possess a share of some sort of business. In some cases the business was built together, built partially before and during the marriage and sometimes completely before the marriage. Unfortunately for those who are considering divorce, a spouse’s ownership interest in a business is considered an asset subject to distribution of property; that is, the division and distribution of each spouse's’ property. Therefore, when a couple is undergoing a divorce, there are many ways in which interest in a business can affect the case....

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An Overview on Spousal Support

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is a form of payment that is received from one spouse to another after an order has been made in a separation or a dissolution (divorce) case. These forms of payments are meant to support the disadvantaged spouse in an economic way so that he or she may experience a comparable standard of living as he or she enjoyed while in the marriage. In most cases, the spouse who earns higher wages is ordered by the court to pay spousal/partner support to his or her former partner. If you believe you are entitled to receive...

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