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Employment Law

California’s Maternity Leave and New Parent Leave Act

In many states, new parents will need to rely on the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act in order to obtain time off work for their adjustments as new parents. In California, however, laws regarding pregnancy and parental leave are among the greatest in the nation. California’s New Parent Leave Act Starting this year, a new law took effect called the New Parent Leave Act. This law allows workers the opportunity to take a leave from work for a maximum of 12 weeks in order to take care of a new minor. The minor could be through foster care, adopted, or a...

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Different Types of Employment Harassment and How to Defend Your Rights as an Employer

There are many different forms of workplace harassment.  With the many different interpretations, it could be difficult for even HR personnel to easily identify the signs. With careful understanding, however, workers can identify the most common forms of workplace discrimination, which could help to minimize the persecution. Discriminatory Harassment Every form of workplace discrimination is considered discriminatory in nature; however, unlike physical or verbal harassment, discrimination is usually defined by the intentions of the aggressor instead of how the act is carried out. When it comes to discrimination, the aggressor usually harasses the employee because he or she is a member of a...

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File a Wage and Hour Complaint in the State of California

In California, an employee can enforce his or her wage and hour rights by filing a complaint through the California Superior Court, Federal District Court, or directly with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement depending on various circumstances including the type of claims being asserted and whether there is an employment arbitration agreement. The wage and hours of an employee in California are protected under state and federal laws. Unbeknownst to many, these laws are not typically self-enforced and when a labor law has been violated, the worker will need to take action by filing a claim. Types of claims can...

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Identifying Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

A person who has experienced sexual harassment in the workplace will know that the feeling can be extremely uncomfortable and can present a multitude of internal and external complications. Depression, feeling anxious to return to work, and humiliation are some of the repercussions of undergoing an event that involved sexual harassment in the workplace. However, there are strict laws that govern legal actions for sexual harassment in the workplace. The term sexual harassment can be a very broad term. Identifying key elements of sexual harassment in the workplace can be beneficial when attempting to identify what laws can be used to...

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