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California Dog Bite Law: Dangerous Propensity Dogs

California Dog Bite Law: Dangerous Propensity Dogs

When a person suffers a dog bite, the event can result in very traumatic, serious and permanent injuries. There are multiple reported deaths that occur every year as a result of vicious dog bites and attacks. Quite often, the canine bite will result in damage to the victim’s nerves and muscle tissues, permanent scarring, and serious infection. When a dog bite ensues, the aftermath can often lead to psychological damage that surpasses any physical pain and damage.

Facts regarding dog bite injuries showcase not only the frequency of the attacks by the seriousness of each event:

  • In the U.S., every 40 seconds, a person seeks medical attention for a canine bite related injury.
  • It’s estimated that for every canine bite that is reported, about three dog bites go unreported.
  • Throughout the country, as many as a million people each year will require medical care for a dog bite.
  • Over 334,000 people per year will end up in the ER because of a dog bite.
  • Every year, it is estimated that over 4.7 million individuals (or 2% of the U.S. population) are bitten.
  • Over half of all the victims are under the age of 18.
  • According to some reports, approximately 60% of canine bites happen at home, either by a friend’s dog or by the family dog.

California’s Strict Liability Laws –Dangerous Propensities

In California, the owner or holder of a canine having dangerous propensity (meaning the animal has the tendency to jump on people or bite people) will be strictly responsible for any injuries that result from the canine’s dangerous propensity. If a dog owner is aware that the dog jumps on people and knocks people down, the dog owner would be held accountable under state law.

Under California’s strict liability laws, a dog owner whose pet has bitten a person, regardless whether the dog has bitten anyone before will be held liable for any injuries caused.

If a canine owner is aware that the pet has the dangerous tendency to fight and/or attack other dogs, the dog owner should not bring the animal to public areas where there are other dogs. Doing so will be not only considered negligent but it may also represent a reckless disregard for the safety of others, the rights of other pet owners, and the safety of pet owners. Dog owners should be held fully responsible for any injuries that have resulted over their pet’s bite or attack.  Additionally, property owners, including HOAs, may be liable if they had knowledge of a dog’s dangerous propensities, knew that the pet owner permitted the dog to be unleashed in public places, and the property owner did not take reasonable steps to either ensure the dog is leashed in public places and otherwise did not take reasonable steps to protect tenants and guest in its public places.

After a Vicious Dog Bite, Consult Legal Support

If you or someone you know was recently attacked or bitten by a dog whose owner had reason to know that the dog has a dangerous propensity, consider contacting legal support immediately. California has strict laws when it comes to dog bites and owners are held responsible when an attack happens.

The attorneys at the Knez Law Group are exceptionally committed to representing victims who have suffered grievances because of the negligence of another. The firm has many years of dedicated experience in handling dog bite cases. Dog bite injuries require immediate legal action; consult a professional attorney today.

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