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Understanding the Difficulties in Child Custody Disputes

Child custody disputes arise most commonly when there is a parental divorce or separation and in cases where children have two parents who were never married and who do not live together. The children of these families can be affected in countless ways. If you are going through a divorce or separation, there are a few aspects you should consider. Seeking the help of a qualified attorney can guide you through the process. He or she can counsel you to determine what factors will affect your child custody case. If you have a child custody case in the state of California,...

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Understanding General Partnerships in the State of California

A general partnership in the state of California is the collective entity that is formed when two or more individuals and/or entities engage in a trade or business. The intent of all shared activities is to share profits as well as losses. General Partnership versus Sole-proprietorship A General Partnership in the state of California is one of the most common arrangements of business ownership. This form of arrangement is very similar to an arrangement known as sole-proprietorship. There is, however, one main difference between the two. A businesses ownership known as sole-proprietorship refers to a single individual who is the one responsible...

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