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Big Rig Disasters Caused by Tire Malfunction

When a tire explodes on a highway, the debris can be scattered across the road. In many cases, shards of rubber from the erupted tire can fly into oncoming traffic, which can cause catastrophic accidents or injuries. In addition to the leftover debris, there are other hazards that could be caused by a big rig malfunction. Some of the greatest dangers in tire malfunction are presented when a truck driver loses control of the vehicle after a tire blowout or a truck rolling over. When it comes to big rig accidents, tire blowouts are primary in causing accidents. Reasons Behind Tire Blowouts A...

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Medical Malpractice Cases in California: Understanding Prenatal Negligence

Prenatal care provided by health care specialists such as obstetricians and midwives is intended to ensure that pregnant women have the healthiest and safest delivery possible. Prenatal care, when done effectively, can be one of the most important reasons behind a healthy baby and a successful delivery. Effective and up-to-standard prenatal medical care involves avoiding risks and complications during the pregnancy. Although certain outcomes may be unavoidable, some outcomes may be the result of medical negligence. Identifying Negligence in the Medical Field When a mother or an infant suffers injuries as a result of negligence, they may have a claim for professional...

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How to Determine When an Attorney is Responsible for a Breach of Fiduciary Duty

 Breach of fiduciary duty is often confused with legal malpractice. A breach of fiduciary duty and legal malpractice both fall under the capacity of tort law. A breach of fiduciary duty, however, is not the same as an attorney committing a legal malpractice or other form of professional negligence. Importantly, where a claimant asserts both a breach of fiduciary duty and a legal malpractice, the breach of fiduciary duty claim may be dismissed if it is based on a breach of the duty of care which is the standard for a legal malpractice. However, a breach of fiduciary duty will...

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Child Custody Cases in California: Frequently Asked Questions

When parents cannot agree to the terms of a child’s custody or visitation, the parents may choose to go to court and have a judge provide a temporary order. A court order on child custody is based on the “best interests of the child” which is determined based on various enumerated factors under the California Family Code. A temporary order on child custody will remain in effect until the parents can reach a mutual agreement as to permanent custody or when the issues have been resolved in a trial with a final or permanent order on child custody. If you are...

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