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Father’s Rights in the State of California and Common Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to child custody cases and divorce, many fathers will often fail to recognize that they have equal rights to the child, as do mothers. In a majority of cases, fathers will mistakenly assume this and will usually relinquish their rights early on during child support or custody hearings, often resulting in an unjust separation agreement. The following information will highlight frequent mistakes made by fathers during custody disputes as well as underline what the State of California has to say regarding father’s rights. Frequent Paternal Mistakes In the progression of a separation, divorce or child custody dispute, mistakes can...

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Different Types of Employment Harassment and How to Defend Your Rights as an Employer

There are many different forms of workplace harassment.  With the many different interpretations, it could be difficult for even HR personnel to easily identify the signs. With careful understanding, however, workers can identify the most common forms of workplace discrimination, which could help to minimize the persecution. Discriminatory Harassment Every form of workplace discrimination is considered discriminatory in nature; however, unlike physical or verbal harassment, discrimination is usually defined by the intentions of the aggressor instead of how the act is carried out. When it comes to discrimination, the aggressor usually harasses the employee because he or she is a member of a...

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California Dog Bite Law: Dangerous Propensity Dogs

When a person suffers a dog bite, the event can result in very traumatic, serious and permanent injuries. There are multiple reported deaths that occur every year as a result of vicious dog bites and attacks. Quite often, the canine bite will result in damage to the victim’s nerves and muscle tissues, permanent scarring, and serious infection. When a dog bite ensues, the aftermath can often lead to psychological damage that surpasses any physical pain and damage. Facts regarding dog bite injuries showcase not only the frequency of the attacks by the seriousness of each event: In the U.S., every 40...

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Big Rig Disasters Caused by Tire Malfunction

When a tire explodes on a highway, the debris can be scattered across the road. In many cases, shards of rubber from the erupted tire can fly into oncoming traffic, which can cause catastrophic accidents or injuries. In addition to the leftover debris, there are other hazards that could be caused by a big rig malfunction. Some of the greatest dangers in tire malfunction are presented when a truck driver loses control of the vehicle after a tire blowout or a truck rolling over. When it comes to big rig accidents, tire blowouts are primary in causing accidents. Reasons Behind Tire Blowouts A...

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