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Big Rig Disasters Caused by Tire Malfunction

Big Rig Disasters Caused by Tire Malfunction

When a tire explodes on a highway, the debris can be scattered across the road. In many cases, shards of rubber from the erupted tire can fly into oncoming traffic, which can cause catastrophic accidents or injuries.

In addition to the leftover debris, there are other hazards that could be caused by a big rig malfunction. Some of the greatest dangers in tire malfunction are presented when a truck driver loses control of the vehicle after a tire blowout or a truck rolling over. When it comes to big rig accidents, tire blowouts are primary in causing accidents.

Reasons Behind Tire Blowouts

A tire blowout can happen for countless reasons. Some of these reasons could involve, but are not limited to the following:

  • Over heating,
  • High speeds,
  • Defective tires,
  • Improperly recapped tread,
  • Incorrect tire sizing, or
  • High mileage resulting in insufficient of lack of tread

It is not uncommon for a big rig driver, their parent trucking company, or their insurance carrier to attempt to deflect responsibility when it comes to tire malfunction and the related injuries/accidents they cause. Oftentimes, a truck driver will attempt to place blame on the tire’s manufacturing company. Commonly, however, the trucking company or truck driver is found to have failed in adequately maintaining the big rig truck.

The Dangers of Failing to Conduct a Routine Tire Check or Maintenance

When a big rig is loaded, the weight of the truck can be upwards of 70,000 pounds. With such an immense weight, it is crucial to have adequately inflated tires. Ignoring an underinflated, worn, or defective tire can put all those on the road in high risk of an accident and injury.

A big rig that suffers a tire blowout on a highway can cause catastrophic injury to other drivers. Drivers can be crushed by the weight of the truck or can collide with others cars in an attempt to avoid the big rig. Bodily injury is not the only grievance a person can undergo. Other individuals can lose their lives and motorcyclists are the most susceptible due to the lack of protection they have. 

Placing Liability After a Tire Blowout

It is the responsibility of the trucking company and truck driver to ensure that the tires go through routine maintenance. This can help to prevent the risk of an unexpected tire blowout. When the trucking company and/or truck driver fail to conduct such maintenance checks, they run the risk of being held liable for the potential injuries caused by an accident.

It is important to point out that tire malfunctions can also be caused by other parties. For instance, if the tire was defective because of a design or manufacturing error, liability can be placed onto other parties. One of the most common manufacturing errors is a ply separation. This defect is routinely identified in the manufacturing process through a visual inspection. When air enters certain layers of the tire, oxidized coding can occur. This negative result can cause a truck tire to fail at higher operating speeds. 

Seek Financial Compensation For Your Damages

If you have suffered an injury or other losses as a result of a big rig tire blowout, you should know that you have the legal right to seek compensation from the liable party. Personal injury cases involving big rigs are complex cases that demand the support of an experienced attorney.

The attorneys at the Knez Law Group are highly skilled in the field of personal injury cases involving auto accidents. They are dedicated to helping accidents victims obtain the compensation they deserve following a truck accident.

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